The Health Nut


Head of Health Nut, Maerua

In a hectic, fast moving world, you should care about your wellbeing. At SUPERSPAR Maerua we offer a paradise for lovers of organic, natural and local goods. It is all about making your healthy life style easier and more affordable.

Available at:
SUPERSPAR Maerua (limited range also at SUPERSPAR Grove)


Treat yourself! At The Health Nut you will find a wide range in (organic), natural beauty products made of local ingredients. Give your skin and hair all the nutrition it needs and treat them with local products like:

  • Mbiri® lotions and washes
  • Desert Secrets® oil and peelings
  • Nara® oils

and many more alluring and unique Namibian and German cosmetic products.

Gluten Free Diet

Living gluten-free can sometimes be challenging. However, The Health Nut provides all the goods you need to make gluten-free cooking and baking much easier for you. Just get all the products you need while doing your usual grocery shopping. Among many other gluten-free products we carry:

  • Glutagon® Bakery Mixes
  • Sam Mills® Pasta
  • Abundant Life Foods ® flours and starch
  • or an assortment of many tasty, gluten-free cookies


Get everything you need for a vegan lifestyle at your Maerua SUPERSPAR. In The Health Nut we carry many products you need as a protein source, as well as iron supplements and many others. To give a short overview:

  • Credé® coconut oil and vegan flours
  • ButtaNut Tree® Nut Spreads
  • Suplimax® vitamins, minerals and supplements

We also carry many vitamins, minerals and other pharmaceutical products by Edeka® and Das gesunde Plus® to support your healthy lifestyle.


Have you decided to go for Banting? Good for you! But a life completely without snacks would be a boring life. Therefore in The Health Nut we provide:

  • Seeds and nuts by Mary-Ann’s Emporium®
  • Alnatura® agave syrup and other sweeteners
  • Spices and spreads by Good Life Organic® to spice up your diet

Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Of course you will find the freshest vegetables, fruit and even juices from organic sources in The Health Nut. For example, we carry:

  • Humulus® herbs
  • Totallywild® 100% fruit juices
  • GREENSPOT organics® salads 

Our locally produced organic herbs and vegetables are grown under strict regulations of the Organic Association of Namibia and are therefore accredited organic. Indulge in a variety of fresh vegetables, firm salads or intense herbs.