Take Away

Head of HMR, Maerua

You only have a short lunch break? You don’t always have time to prepare fresh meals? Then our take-away dishes are just right for you! You find them at all our SUPERSPAR and SPAR stores.

We offer you a wide selection of different warm meals and salads, all of which are prepared freshly throughout the day in our very own kitchens. In SUPERSPAR Maerua, SUPERSPAR Grove and SPAR Westlane, we even carry homemade sushi!

Available at:
SUPERSPAR Maerua, SUPERSPAR Grove, SPAR Westlane, SPAR Hochland


At our take-away counters we will make your mouth water! With home cooked meals that suit your budget, our SUPERSPAR and SPAR stores make healthy and tasty eating very convenient. Choose between or combine:

  • Traditional Namibian dishes and ethnic kitchen at SPAR Westlane
  • German and international cuisine at SUPERSPAR
  • Chicka Chicken snacks and meals at every SPAR and SUPERSPAR store
  • Fresh Salads from our salad bars at SUPERSPAR Maerua, SUPERSPAR Grove and SPAR Westlane
At SUPERSPAR Maerua we also prepare a special dish every day!
Here is a list of our specials:

  • Monday: Goulasch / lamb chops
  • Tuesday: Pap / boerewors
  • Wednesday: Mash potatoes / Kartoffel puffer / Russians & Viennas
  • Thursday: Chicken stir-fry / Beef Stroganoff
  • Friday: Pap / mash potatoes / fish / Russians & Viennas
  • Saturday: Pork stir-fry
  • Sunday: Mash potatoes / Liver


Fancy some classic or extraordinary sushi variations? Our sushi chefs at our SUPERSPAR stores prepare many sushi creations from the finest fish throughout the whole day. We also deliver our sushi to SPAR Westlane for you to enjoy it.

Besides many salmon sushi creations, we have tuna sushi now available at SUPERSPAR Maerua and SUPERSPAR Grove.

SPAR Westlane
SPAR Hochland